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orlando-sinkholesAs a resident of Florida, you undoubtedly have heard stories and have seen news reports about sinkholes affecting area homes and businesses. While the most commonly thought of natural disaster that area residents think about relates to hurricanes and tropical storms, sinkholes are relatively common in the Florida. This is because unique conditions are in place that lead to sinkholes. Underneath the soil throughout much of the state, porous limestone can be found. This limestone can be eroded over time by acidic water that is also common in Florida. The result is that crevices in the bedrock are created that ultimately cave in or sink. When the ground below the surface caves in, all of the ground soil and structures on the surface also cave in. In some cases, whole homes have been swallowed by these sinkholes. However, in many cases, the homes can be saved with the professional services of a sinkhole or foundation repair company like Foundation Services of Central Florida.

There were almost 25,000 insurance claims between 2006 and 2010 in Florida that were related to Florida, and the majority of these were in ten Florida counties. Orange County ranks eighth on the list of counties most commonly affected by sinkholes, and this includes communities like Winter Park and Kissimmee. Some sinkholes may be relatively small in size, and the homes may be saved through the efforts of professional Orlando Florida sinkhole repair. A professional crew can inspect the home and the land to determine if the hole can be repaired and if the home can be saved.

If you need Orlando Florida foundation repair or sinkhole repair, you can turn to Foundation Services of Central Florida for excellent results. We are the leading repair company in the area that can provide you with highly effective results. You can learn more about the services available by our skilled repair crew by calling the office today. Because these issues can become more pronounced over time, it is best to contact our specialists at Foundation Services of Central Florida at the first sign of a foundation issue with your home.

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“We take this opportunity to recommend Foundation Services Inc. to anyone who’s life and home has been interrupted by sink hole activities, and need a company that we have experienced with a team of professional men that has given our family peace of mind and stability as was needed. The following list would best describe this company and the entire crew that corrected this tragic damage to our home… [see the Letter for ratings list]”

— Milton and Theresa Farley, Spring Hill, FL