Ocala Star Banner: Gambling with Sinkhole Coverage


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Foundation Services was highlighted on the front page of the August 9th, 2010 Ocala Star Banner news article about sinkhole insurance.

…Foundation Services of Central Florida workers Santos Arenas, Bennie Blair, Trevor Nameth and Jimmy Kash, left to right, work on a pipe at the injection point for concrete at a home with a sinkhole underneath it on Southeast 42nd Avenue in Ocala, Fla. on Monday, August 2, 2010. The company had already pumped 150 cubic yards of concrete underneath the home using 26 injection points around the outside. They were on the 16th cement truck for the sinkhole which extended some 120 feet under the home…

By Fred Hiers, Staff writer
Photo Credit: Bruce Ackerman/Staff photographer

Read the Full Article on Ocala.com

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“We take this opportunity to recommend Foundation Services Inc. to anyone who’s life and home has been interrupted by sink hole activities, and need a company that we have experienced with a team of professional men that has given our family peace of mind and stability as was needed. The following list would best describe this company and the entire crew that corrected this tragic damage to our home… [see the Letter for ratings list]”

— Milton and Theresa Farley, Spring Hill, FL