Pressure Grouting In Florida

A Deep Compaction Grouting Process For Florida Sinkhole Remediation And Foundation Repair


What Does Pressure Grouting Entail?

pdf-groutingWhen geotechnical engineers determine you have sinkhole conditions, The Sinkhole Pros at Foundation Services perform “Pressure Grouting,” also known a “Deep Compaction Grouting.”

We insert injection pipes with skilled precision down to the depth of the fractured, collapsed or eroded karstic bedrock, which in Florida is typically limestone. The depth of the pipes may vary considerably from one side of a structure to the other, as determined by detailed engineering specifications. A representative from the firm providing the engineering blueprint monitors injection point placement and other job requirements.

A concrete pump is then connected to the pipes, and our highly trained crews begin injecting a low slump grout to fill the voids and seal the karst layer (limestone). It is vital for this process to be completed with precision to prevent continued soil movement through remaining karst fractures and into the solution cavities. It is also vital to prevent and detect any movement in the structure. The jobsite Foreman watches sensitive surveyor-type equipment to monitor the structure for any movement as slight as 1/32 of an inch.

The Foreman also carefully monitors the pressure gauge we insert between the concrete pump and the injection pipes throughout the grout pumping process. When the pressure gauge reaches 300 psi, the karst area has been remediated and the grout pipe is extracted in 5 foot increments. Then the process starts over again through the next injection pipe until the karst area under each pipe is sealed, and the soils have been satisfactorily stabilized and compacted within 10 to 15 feet of the surface.

Our skilled teams use our own advanced, custom equipment and the best engineering techniques to minimize disruption to you and your property. All pipes are pulled with care to prevent any damage to your home and landscaping, and your property is restored from the sinkhole damage. We give you more than just a sense of security. We deliver!

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Pressure Grouting Process Step-By-Step


Foundation Services carefully installs grout casings to protect your property and landscaping throughout the entire process.



We take additional steps to preserve your shrubs, plants,
lawn and sprinkler systems.



Foundation Services’ equipment is specifically designed to access any area of your property with minimal intrusion.



During the pressure grouting process, Foundation Services strives to remain the most clean and professional company in the industry.



By utilizing multiple devices, we monitor your home for movement throughout the grouting process.



For over 20 years, Foundation Services has provided unparalleled customer service and a sense of security by protecting your home from start to finish.


The Sinkhole Pros at Foundation Services have decades of quality experience performing Pressure Grouting services in Florida. We serve properties from the Panhandle through the Central Florida “Sinkhole Alley” that includes our home base of Ocala, FL as well a Gainesville, Spring Hill, The Villages, Hernando, Tampa Bay, and Orlando areas. We also serve South Florida and up the east coast to Jacksonville and the Georgia line. We can serve your soil stabilization, sinkhole remediation, foundation stabilization and foundation repair needs wherever you are in Florida. For more information on our service areas, click here

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Client Testimonials

“During a time of great distress and disarray, you and your crew exhibited integrity, compassion, patience, knowledge, and kindness from the beginning to the end of the job…Most importantly, you and your crew were respectful, honest and kind…you are definitely a Man of Your Word! … We would not hesitate to refer Foundation Services to anyone.”

— Mr. and Mrs. Calvin M., Spring Hill, FL