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“To lift a slab, repair a leaking storm drain, realign a bridge slab or repair a sea wall, the answer is StableSoils of Florida, a Foundation Services Company, bringing you 80 years of combined hands-on experience.”


Soil Stabilization Solutions

No-ExcavationWhen weak or eroding soils undermine your home’s foundation, sometimes leading to breach, break and separation, we use the latest technology and our own premier Polyurethane Chemical Grouting to create extreme soil strength and put you back on solid ground.

The process is strong, fast, quiet, environmentally alert and usually with zero excavation. It’s extremely clean… no big pumps or nasty concrete slurry puddles… only the small fill injection points.

Our polyurethane products set in minutes, so your project can be completed in hours or days… instead of weeks or months… and there’s no costly interruption in your life or business.

Our Soil Stabilization Solutions can be used just about anywhere, even in swampy terrain and to depths of 40 feet. 1-part polymer based liquid displaces water during injection, bonding the weak or shifting soils to load bearing, structural strength and curing within 24 hours to 90% load capacity.


Concrete Lifting and Soil Stabilization

download-brochureStableSoils performs highly technical Commercial applications around the nation, and Residential repairs with Foundation Services of Central Florida. Some of our services include:

  • Structural Chemical Grouting
  • Concrete Slab Raising
  • Chemical Void Filling
  • Chemical Soil Binding/Solidification
  • Pool Deck Raising
  • Structure Sealing and Waterproofing
  • Soil Densification
  • Sea Wall Repair


Specialized Commercial Applications also include:

  • Zero-Excavation Infrastructure Repair and Sealing
  • Abandoned Pipe and Structure Grouting
  • Roadbed Leveling
  • Concrete Runway Repair
  • Risk Management Sidewalk and Entry Raising
  • Lifting Underground Manhole Junctions
  • Re-leveling Sports Arenas & Basketball Floors

PrintTo learn more about Soil Stabilization, call (352) 433-2323 or visit our website www.stablesoils.com.


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Client Testimonials

“We would gladly pass their names [Sinkhole Pros at Foundation Services] on to anyone struggling with foundation problems. In fact, our neighbor is using them now.”

— Richard Frost, Ocala, FL