Auger Cast Piles

Constructing A Solid Footing For Your New Foundation In Weak Soils And Clay with a Pre-Construction Auger Cast Steel Reinforced Concrete Piling System.


Auger Cast Pilings put you on solid footing in areas of unstable soil and expansive clay sub-soils, the engineer may recommend our “original standard system” for structural support of your new foundation – steel reinforced concrete pilings.

This system consists of vertical piers which are sometimes called auger cast piles
, since a large auger bit, generally 12 inches in diameter, is used to drill the holes. Then the piers are typically constructed to a 15 to 18 foot depth or to solid rock and spaced no more than 9 feet apart. We can provide additional depths if your project requires it.

pdf-concretepilingEach pier is reinforced with two #5 rebar. These are tied to the footing rebar, providing a continuous connection between the pilings and the foundation.

Brochure-NewConstructionUpon request by an owner, builder or engineer, additional pier depths and rebar designs are available. We work with the premier manufacturer of foundation repair products, with the highest quality precision engineering and superior customer service, to ensure any necessary customization for your project is achieved quickly and to the highest standards.



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“During a time of great distress and disarray, you and your crew exhibited integrity, compassion, patience, knowledge, and kindness from the beginning to the end of the job…Most importantly, you and your crew were respectful, honest and kind…you are definitely a Man of Your Word! … We would not hesitate to refer Foundation Services to anyone.”

— Mr. and Mrs. Calvin M., Spring Hill, FL