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Foundation Repair Expertise

Florida’s most experienced and trusted Foundation Repair Company, Foundation Services has served the most demanding foundation stabilization and repair needs throughout Florida, from NASA’s complex pre-shuttle-launch situation in Cape Canaveral, to the Harn Museum and UF Baseball Stadium in Gainesville, Morse-Moffitt Cancer Center in The Villages, Vanguard High School in Ocala, and homes and businesses throughout Florida.

We have proven expertise in the most advanced foundation repair methods and use only our own expert staff, technologically advanced custom equipment, and the industry’s top foundation repair products, giving us the confidence to provide you with transferable warranties on all foundation products and guarantees on all our work!


Foundation Repair Methods

The Best Repair Method(s) For Your Florida Property will depend upon many factors including your soil conditions, drainage patterns, any sinkhole activity, other proximate environment conditions, structure weight, accessibility and damage, etc.  Geotechnical engineers will determine the type(s) of remediation we recommend, which may include the following processes alone or in combination.

Foundation Underpinning

pdf-underpinningThis method solves a variety of soil and foundation problems with specific products and precise engineering techniques to lift, stabilize and repair structures that have settled or otherwise been damaged by shrinking and expanding of clays, decomposition of organic material, sinkhole activity, water drainage erosion and other unstable soil conditions.

The term “Underpinning” encompasses several different, exacting techniques and specific products – going by such labels as piers, piles, pins and anchors – which are used to transfer the structure’s weight from its foundation, through the unstable soils beneath it, and down to the more stable bedrock.

Drilled Piers

pdf-drilledpiersAn engineer might require Drilled Piers or Pre-Drilling to advance steel piers into stable limerock for a light structure or for soil conditions involving a very deep limestone with zones of clay or consolidated soils above it.

How are Drilled Piers applied? We install Drilled Piers directly against your structure’s foundation, then drive them down to the limestone layer with our exclusive drilling equipment.  The Piers can be permanently attached once their load bearing capacity is tested.

We use exclusively the #1 industry standard for underpinning products – ECP Foundation Products  – and back our foundation repairs with a Transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty.  ECP is the original equipment manufacturer of the patented, fourth generation ECP Steel Piers,TM  the Helical Torque AnchorTM and related accessories that we use in our underpinning projects.

  • ECP Steel PiersTM – These underpinning products are often referred to as push piers, resistance piers, micropiles, pins, push pins, deep foundations and mini piers.  They are driven hydraulically into the soil to lift a structure’s foundation, then the top bracket is capped to hold the structure in place permanently.  Tested and proven effective in all soil types, these pins can be installed under existing foundations from the outside or inside to provide long lasting stability.
  • ECP Helical Torque AnchorsTM – These screw pile products are alternatively referred to as helical anchors, helical piles, screw anchors or cross plate anchors.  They have applications such as raising and stabilizing an existing foundation, constructing sound new foundations, for retaining walls and utility poles.  They provide both load bearing (compression) and uplift (tension) resistance, with the advantages of quick installation in any weather with little or no vibration and minimal disturbance to the site.

Grouting To Stabilize Soils Under Your Foundation

Sometimes Engineers recommend using Grout Injection in conjunction with Underpinning to stabilize soils and seal collapsed or eroded limestone to complete a foundation repair project. While underpinning supports a structure on the more solid bedrock layer, it does not remediate a sinkhole or solidify otherwise unstable soil conditions. Grouting is still required.  The type grout and procedure used depend upon your geological situation and may include:

  • Deep Compaction Grouting(Pressure Grouting) – A low slump grout is used in areas with sinkhole conditions.  It is injected into soils at or above the limestone layer to seal collapsed limestone, fill voids and compact loose soils.
  • Chemical Grout Injection (Chemical Grouting) – This grouting method is sometimes recommended by engineers to stabilize shallow soils around the perimeter and near the surface of your home following Compaction Grouting or Foundation Underpinning.
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Premier Foundation Repair Products

Advanced Technology And Premier Foundation Products – We use technologically advanced, customized equipment that is constantly maintained in our own shop, and we are likewise uncompromising in our selection of the products and processes we use on your property.  For our underpinning projects, we use only products provided and customized by Earth Contact Products (ECP), with whom we have the special privilege of being in a “long-term business partnership.”
Earth Contact Products – ECP is the leading manufacturer of foundation repair, basement waterproofing and anchoring products in the industry. Always using the newest technology, innovation and stringent quality control, ECP’s quality assurance sets the standard in the industry, and its customer service is unsurpassed.  ECP extends its exacting requirements to its careful selection of foundation repair contractor partners such as Foundation Services.

Our Foundation Repair Warranty

Warranty On Repairs – With over 2000 successful foundation projects just since the merger forming Foundation Services of Central Florida, Inc. over 20 years ago… and many more going back to the 1970′s when our predecessor, Hardin Construction, became a recognized leader in foundation techniques… we have the track record, skill, superior products and full confidence to offer you a ***Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty*** on materials and workmanship for your foundation repair.  We also offer a limited warranty on cosmetic restoration of your repaired structure, and the sinkhole repair industry’s most comprehensive, transferable warranty for sinkhole related foundation stabilization. We stand behind our work!

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