Post Tension Concrete Slabs

Post tensioned slabs provide a cost-efficient, high-performance solution for problems associated with residential foundations on expansive soils.


  • Reliable and proven technology
  • Cost effective
  • Lower construction costs by eliminating undercutting
  • Minimize settling and reduce future issues caused by building on expansive soils
  • Quicker construction… complete project on schedule
  • Affordable and lower overall maintenance


Your house slab faces many unique challenges here in Florida.

post-tension-slabDue to expansive soils (such as clay) there are many problems for the typical concrete foundation. Many jobs in Florida require expensive removal of clay of up to 10 feet! We lower the cost of site preparation by not having to under cut the soils from beneath the structure. This process eliminates the cost to remove clay and also the cost to bring in replacement fill dirt!

With Post Tension Concrete, all stresses from seasonal expansion and contraction of the underlying soil are taken into the entire tensioned slab, which supports the building without significant flexure.

Achieve lower construction costs, efficiency, quicker construction and lower lifetime cost of your structure.


How Does It Work?


Steel cables in poly sleeves placed in a grid pattern according to engineered specifications inside the slab. Once the foundation is poured, the cables are hydraulically tightened to required pressures to secure the foundation into one mass.

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