Steel Pier Advantages

Foundation Underpinning With Engineering Precision, Innovation, Speed, Safety And Highest Quality Standards Through The “Sinkhole Pros” At Foundation Services With ECP Systems


Advantages Of The Strongest Piers In The Foundation Industry

ecp_01aniThe technological innovation, engineering precision and specialized tools at Earth Contact Products (ECP) produce foundation underpinning products of the highest quality that are designed and engineered to perform in a variety of conditions and for the long term.

Here are some of the many advantages of using ECP products and systems for your foundation repair, offered to you through Foundation Services, its long term foundation contractor partner in Florida.

  • ECP has a 70,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, high tech facility where it produces its piering products using only the highest quality, mill certified materials and certified welders. This enables the company to provide timely the quality repair products for foundation contractors need while also completing custom fabrication work. The engineering capability and innovation is there to meet the demands of even the most difficult job.
  • ECP-engineeringFor reliability and quality you can trust, ECP’s quality control and quality assurance standards have become the standard in the industry, and its responsive customer service for engineers and contractors is unsurpassed.
  • Effective in all soil types and depths, these pier products (push piers, resistance piers, micropiles, pins, push pins, deep foundations and mini piers) have been tested and proven time and again to provide effective and long-lasting repair and stabilization solutions for a variety of foundation problems.


  • Each ECP Steel Pier is individually load tested on site to insure a higher load capacity than required to support the structure. An engineer will determine the load of the structure and the desired factor of safety before the load tests are performed. This Factor of Safety insures that settlement problems have been solved, and it’s unlikely any return for “adjustments” will ever be required.
  • Only foundation contractors who undergo specialized training at Earth Contact Products and meet its stringent quality specifications are approved to use its products and techniques.
  • Only highly trained, skilled technicians are allowed to perform the pier installation, testing and foundation restoration operations on your property.
  • You will experience minimal impact on your lawn, shrubs and environment, because pier installation does not require the use of large equipment. The quiet, vibration free, hydraulic equipment used in the installation process is portable and can be manually transported onto your property.
  • With ECP Steel Piers, there is no problem of “down drag” from consolidating soil to affect the pier, because these piers are specially designed to eliminate as much skin friction as possible.
  • foundation-repairThe piers can be driven to the depths you need. They have been installed to depths exceeding 120 feet to reach a verified suitable bearing stratum.
  • Every step of the pier installation process is monitored for safety and effectiveness. Installers document the project by recording the installation force on the pier, the depths to verified bearing, and the final pier working loads after restoration.
  • An even and gentle restoration process is used to lift the structure per the dictates of both ECP and Foundation Services training. During restoration, all of the piers, or large groups of them, are gently loaded simultaneously, ensuring that only a minimum amount of stress is applied to the structure.
  • Brochure-NewConstructionThere is no need to stack and haul soil from the site. The removed soil is used to fill the small excavations made for the pier installations. The site is left clean and neat.
  • The process is fast. You don’t have to wait a week for concrete to cure in order to start restoration. Once all ECP Steel Piers have been installed, restoration can begin immediately by transferring the load to the piers. Most projects are finished in a few days, instead of weeks.



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