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– Richard Frost, Ocala, FL, 2011

Cracks in walls and floors of garage and home, puddling in the basement… With just one call, the Frosts, Ocala, FL were taken care of seamlessly through the entire process: evaluation through Sinkhole Remediation with Compaction Grouting, and Foundation Repair & Cosmetic Restoration.


How Do I Know I Need Grouting – And What Kind?

If you are seeing cracks in your walls or pool area… If your home, pool, business, school or other structure is experiencing abnormal settlement due to sinkhole activity or other weak or wet soil conditions… Regardless of where you are in Florida, call “The Sinkhole Pros” at Foundation Services of Central Florida, Ocala right away – 352-622-9218 – to get a free assessment and make sure your damage doesn’t get worse!

If needed, we will call in a geotechnical engineer, who will probably recommend grouting to be applied either alone or in conjunction with foundation underpinning, and advise throughout the detailed project to ensure your foundation repair is complete and will last.

The best type of grouting for your soil and foundation stabilization situation will be determined based on an assessment of many technical factors. Below are the primary grouting methods used by grouting contractors, methods with which Foundation Services has among the best experience in the industry.

Be assured that you project will be done right… Guaranteed! At Foundation Services, we use only the most advanced engineering techniques, our own custom equipment and superior products in all our grouting, sinkhole and foundation projects to ensure the best, long-lasing results and to minimize disruption to you and your property.

WE GUARANTEE OUR WORK WITH TRANSFERABLE WARRANTIES! … Serving all Florida communities, there are ample reasons we are the most experienced and trusted grouting contractor in Central Florida.


Compaction Grouting – Pressure Grouting


Compaction Grouting is a pressurized low mobility grouting technique deep into the sub-soils used to correct building settlement, reinforce backfills, densify loose or fine grained subsurface soils, reduce sinkhole potential and stabilize existing sinkhole conditions. It can increase the land’s bearing capacity for larger structures, and decreases settlement and liquefaction potential for both existing structures and new construction.

This is an economical approach for treatment beneath existing structures where access is difficult and space is limited, hindering underpinning. A further advantage is that the low mobility grout columns created in this process do not require structural connection to the foundations.

The pressure grouting process typically involves injection of a low mobility grout at the maximum depth under carefully monitored pressure. Then the grout injection pipe is slowly extracted in lifts. This creates a column of overlapping grout bulbs, whose expansion then displaces surrounding soils. In granular soils, this process increases the density, friction angle and stiffness of surrounding soils.

Learn more about the Deep Compaction Pressure Grouting Process

Chemical Grouting – Permeation Grouting

chemicalgrout-urethaneinjectionChemical Grouting is a soil stabilization process in which loose, granular soils near the surface are permeated by a grout injection of certain solution grouts containing acrylates, acrylamides, sodium silicates, epoxies or a polyurethane foam. We offer a wide range of environmentally friendly materials, as well as a range of polymer injection materials to overcome chemical resistance. Each one of these materials has a specific use depending on the soil makeup and engineering specifications.

Some uses of the various chemical grouting processes include: to stabilize shallow soils, underpin foundations, lift and relevel slabs, provide excavation support, repair fractures in concrete, create water cutoff walls for tunneling, and other residential, commercial and industrial purposes. We can form a waterproof bond to repair and seal a concrete structure, rechannel water, and retrofit a “curtain wall” protective waterproofing system around the perimeter of your structure with zero excavation.

The chemicals and actual process used will depend upon such factors as whether your purpose is for structural integrity or for water control, concrete or infrastructure repair or foundation lifting, above ground construction or tunneling, soil type, location and whether grouting is being used alone or in combination with other processes such as foundation underpinning with steel pin piers or deep compaction pressure grouting.

Learn more about the Chemical Grouting – Permeation Grouting Process


Chemical Grouting – Polyurethane Grouting

PolyTrailer-3DPolyurethane Grouting involves the injection of a polymer-based liquid to displace water and bond weak or shifting soils to load bearing strength. Injected to depths down to 40 feet in a variety of terrains, even swamp lands, our own premier Polyurethane Chemical Grouting with StableSoils SoilBinderTM sets in minutes and is a superior solution to many grouting problems.

Polyurethane foam injection is used in residential, commercial, infrastructure and waterfront applications to lift a slab, repair a leaking storm drain, realign a bridge slab, or repair a sea wall. Our process is strong, fast, clean, with minimal noise, and uses no heavy equipment. It is environmentally sound and usually does not require any excavation.

Our polyurethane grouting cures within 24 hours to 90% load capacity, minimizing disruption and creating extremely strong soils. You can trust StableSoils of Florida, a Foundation Services Company with over 80 years combined soil stabilization experience, to provide a superior grouting process with the most technologically advanced products and methods for your specific needs.

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Slurry Grouting


TV20 -Sinkhole Remediation by Foundation Services – Grouting At Fore Ranch, Ocala, FL

Slurry Grouting stabilizes shallow soils by permeating the soil particles and cementing them together so they become less mobile and more stable. This contrasts with compaction grouting, which is applied deep down to densify and replace soils. Slurry grout is only applied at 20 feet or shallower depths, averaging about 10 feet deep.

Slurry grout is used in conjunction with compaction grouting because the higher pressure of the compaction process must be stopped around 20 feet from the surface in order to protect the structure from heaving or other damage. The low pressure of the slurry grout application for the upper soils keeps the them from fracturing and veining, and allows for careful monitoring of the structure to prevent any movement.

Slurry grout is usually mixed on-site with a tub mixer, combining Type1 or Type2 Portland cement with water in specific proportions for the job. It is then pumped into engineer-designated injection points, usually 6 to 8 feet apart, which are hammered or drilled to depth. The grout liquidity allows the cement to permeate the soil particles and bond them together.

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