Low Density Cellular Concrete

What is Cellular Concrete?

ACI 523.1 Definition:
Concrete made with hydraulic cement, water, and preformed foam to form a hardened material having an oven-dry density of 50lb/cubic foot or less.


Cellular Concrete Replaces Coarse Aggregate With Air

The air cells must be resilient in order to withstand the rigors of mixing and pumping in various applications. Foam has the stability to be calculated as a solid but the properties to be placed as a low density fluid material.



• Annular fills for tunnels, water & sewer
• Utility pipe abandonment
• Soft Soil stabilization/remediation
• Utility trench fill
• Bridge/Overpass abutment backfill
• Wall/Foundation backfill
• Void fills; sink holes, wells, tunnels, mine abatement, abandoned utilities
• Ideal for flowable fill (CLSM) replacement

Building Construction
• Roof decks
• Floor decks/Floor topping
• Precast blocks/walls
• Ballistic blocks/panels
• Energy absorbing crash barriers


Sample Geotechnical/
Infrastructure Projects

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