Chemical Grouting in Florida

Chemical Grout Injection Stabilizes Loose, Granular Soils Near The Surface Of Your Home Or Pool To Provide A Stable Foundation in Ocala, Gainesville, Spring Hill, Tampa, All Florida


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When Is Chemical Grouting Used?

pdf-chemicalgroutChemical grout injection is often used in Florida to:

  • Stabilize shallow soils near the surface of your home or pool deck.
  • Stabilize loose soil directly under your house.
  • Underpin foundations with limited access and space.
  • Lift and relevel slabs or foundations.
  • Stabilize the upper soils around the perimeter of your home following deep compaction grouting or foundation underpinning .
  • Provide excavation support and underpinning when the excavation will be adjacent to an existing structure.
  • Repair fractures in concrete and rock and seal joints, forming a waterproof bond and repairing the integrity of a concrete structure economically.
  • Create water cutoff walls and stabilize soils for tunneling.


What Type Of Chemical Grout Will Be Used?

Brochure-NewConstructionAmong the many different types of chemical grout, the one that might be used to remediate your specific soil problem will be based on the location, soil type, structural integrity and purpose (structural or water control). This soil stabilization process uses either polyurethane foam or solution grouts containing acrylamides, acrylates, sodium silicates and epoxies.

Structural chemical grouting transforms granular soil into sandstone-like masses by permeating the spaces between soil particles and binding them together. As the grout is injected under pressure, it solidifies and strengthens the soil layer, improving its load bearing capacity without restricting appropriate water flow through the soil.

On the other hand, water control chemical grouting is intended to stop water movement in granular soil or rock. Injection points are laid out in a grid pattern, with waterproof masses created at the injection points. These masses connect to form a barrier to fluid migration.

To lift and re-level slabs or foundations, often an expansive foam will be injected to fill the voids. Two inert chemicals are injected beneath the foundation, where their mixture causes expansion of the polyurethane foam and consolidation of the soils. This popular grouting method is fast (1 to 2 days), non-intrusive, with minimum disruption inside your home, and doesn’t require your family to relocate or even move furniture. It’s also environmentally friendly, with minimal dust or debris, and it does not pollute ground water.

Regardless of the nature of your soil stabilization or foundation repair need anywhere in Florida, Foundation Services’ extensive resources can be mobilized quickly and efficiently to perform the best grouting and underpinning methods for your situation. Our reputation of trust is built on our long history of professionalism, innovation, integrity, customer service and commitment to quality … with over 2,000 successfully completed soil and foundation stabilization projects throughout Florida.


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