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As Florida’s #1 most trusted new construction, foundation repair and soil stabilization  contractor, we use the most technologically advanced products, innovative techniques and skilled staff to implement the methods that best suit your situation…not just in Ocala, Gainesville, Spring Hill, Tampa, Orlando and the rest of the Central Florida corridor, but throughout Florida – including for NASA!

For A Sound Foundation, Experience Counts – In the 1970’s, Bobby Hardin of Ocala, FL was a pioneer in this area using auger piles to stabilize homes against movement caused by clay soils. Foundation Services was formed to meet growing demand, leading the way technologically with piers drilled deeper into the ground, then steel pin piers plus pressure grouting in sinkhole applications, always on the leading edge with highest quality foundations!

Sinkhole-Experience-293x300A History Of Trust, Experience And Reliability

Hands-on Owners with over 150 years combined experience… We are clearly ahead of all other Florida foundation service contractors in both age and experience. Since three successful general contractors merged their businesses over 20 years ago and named the combined company “Foundation Services of Central Florida, Inc.,” we have successfully completed several thousand sinkhole remediation and foundation stabilization and repair projects.

Foundation Services brings a history that’s now over 50 years as a general contractor and noted foundation repair company. Those years are filled with innovative, responsive, reliable attention to exacting projects, large and small, residential, commercial and public, with thousands of satisfied customers.

Foundation Services typically gets called in for the region’s largest sinkhole repair jobs, such as:

  • A sinkhole at Wal-Mart’s Distribution Center in Alachua, Florida the company’s largest project by volume thus far.
  • A sinkhole at Booster Stadium in Ocala, Florida which required 100 injection points, half of them beneath the stadium seating area and the other half on the football field. So Foundation Services drilled and pumped onto a football field without destroying a blade of grass.

NASA-3-300x259Why Not Use The Company That NASA Chose?

Our company performs many other types of foundation work, too … such as foundation repair for a NASA information center at Cape Canaveral. Foundation Services worked under pressure to complete this complex project prior to a shuttle launch.

Complicating this project were the “no-dig days” any time there was a shuttle in the air. This was due to the space race years of the 1950s and 1960s, when infrastructure was laid so quickly “whenever and wherever” that engineers today are uncertain where underground utilities lie.

All of our employees had to undergo strict background checks prior to working on NASA property, too. They had to follow strict instructions and travel from a checkpoint to the worksite under closely monitored security supervision. But the job was done well and on time.

Some of the company’s other notable projects include Vanguard High School in Ocala, the Harn Museum in Gainesville, the baseball stadium at the University of Florida, and the new Moffitt Cancer Center in The Villages. See our portfolio of projects for more examples.

The same company that repaired one of NASA’s buildings will address your sinkhole problem and work on your home’s foundation at a competitive price with the same efficiency, innovation, care and concern… It doesn’t get more trustworthy and reliable than that!


Technologically Innovative Foundation Contractors

We continue at the forefront of technology and innovation. Known also for our consistent quality and premier customer service, we have the know-how to apply and adapt the best technological processes and strongest, most advanced foundation products for your unique situation. Our customized equipment is constantly, meticulously maintained in our own shop, so like our expert teams, it is ready when you are!

Our daily services involve the best:
  • New Construction planning, design build, retail build-outs, custom home construction, additions;
  • Sinkhole remediation and soil stabilization for your unique situation: pressure grouting, chemical grouting, slurry grouting, polyurethane grouting;
  • Foundation repair underpinning with steel piers, helical anchors, pins and piles, lifting and stabilizing foundations;
  • New Pre-Construction auger cast piles, helical piers, ductile iron piles and micropiles and minipiles.

Leading Foundation Repair Products – We are uncompromising in our selection of the products and processes we use on your property. For our underpinning projects, we use only products provided and customized by Earth Contact Products (ECP) — the industry leader in technological innovation, customization and customer service — and with whom we have the special privilege of being in a “long-term business partnership.” ECP extends the same exacting requirements of its industry-leading quality assurance standards to its carefully selected foundation repair contractor partners such as Foundation Services of Central Florida.

Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty On All Foundation Repairs

We stand behind our work! — With over 2000 successful foundation projects over the last 20 years alone, we have the track record, skill, superior products and full confidence to offer you:

  • Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty on materials and workmanship for your foundation repair;

Have cracks, foundation settling, signs of foundation problems? Don’t wait! Your problem will get worse. You must find out what’s going on with your property, what you can expect, and your options. We can help!

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As Central Florida’s most experienced New Construction Contractor, Sinkhole Remediation, Foundation Repair and Seawall Repair Company, we are dedicated to your project. It doesn’t matter if you are in Tampa, Ocala, Gainesville, Spring Hill, FL or 300 miles away… we can serve you promptly. If needed upon evaluation, we will take immediate action to repair your sinkhole, foundation or other structural damage…

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“I am very pleased with the outcome of the project… I believe that Mr. Stephenson and his crews should serve as models to other companies wishing to achieve outstanding customer relations.”

— James J., Ocala, FL