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Foundation Services’ Landscaping Division understands well the importance of forklift safety and the risk of tipping over as huge palm trees are planted on community properties.  Forklift operators have their lives in their hands when operating this equipment – literally.  So what do they do about it?

Ongoing Forklift Safety Training . . .

Foundation Services  conducts ongoing training on Forklift Safety for operators in all divisions and subsidiaries.  It’s conducted by the best safety training, OSHA authorized team in Florida – Emergency Response Educators and Consultants, Inc., or “EREC.”


EREC’s Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers use the latest training techniques & computer simulation to assist companies like Foundation Services with OSHA Compliance Training, Workplace Safet  y, OSHA Plan Development, Sara Title III Right To Know, Hazardous Materials Awareness & Operations Level Training.

forklift-safety-shop-equipment-053-300x225It’s EREC’s job to make sure the forklift operators know what to do, when to do it, what not to do, what to look for, how to evaluate it and how to implement.

Without a thorough understanding and ability to apply concepts like “stability triangle” and “rated capacity,” and the proper techniques, weights and conditions for picking up a load an putting down a load, forklift operation can be deadly.

forklift-safety-shop-equipment-054-300x225At the end of the day of classroom instruction and demonstrations, a written exam is administered and graded – and no one is allowed to operate the equipment without a passing grade on these safety issues.

Foundation Services maintains its equipment in its own shop for maximum uptime and safety. So the shop provides a perfect classroom for understanding forklift components, pre-use inspection procedures, use demonstrations and practice.  There is no room for error.

The blend of classroom instruction and visual aids with live, hands-on operation and demonstrations forklift-safety-shop-equipment-055-300x225reinforces all modes of learning so the material is thoroughly learned and internalized. The guys appreciate this, knowing that their very lives depend on it.

Superior ongoing training of top-notch personnel with a strong work ethic … periodic reviews and reinforcements… stringent quality and safety standards… combined with appreciation and rewards ensure all Foundation Services teams function smoothly to provide superior customer service and the highest quality workmanship …

Quality And Safety You Can Trust!

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