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Ocala Style Magazine Featured The Sinkhole Pros of Foundation Services

What Do You Do With A Sinkhole In Your Front Yard? Call The Pros At Foundation Services!

Can you imagine awakening one morning to find an 18 x 14 foot sinkhole that’s 15 feet deep right in your front yard?

That’s what happened to Gail and Joe Reilly. They were immediately glad they called upon on the leading sinkhole remediation – foundation repair – cosmetic restoration company in Central Florida, “The Sinkhole Pros” at Foundation Services.


Sinkhole In Reillys Front Yard Before Remediation By Foundation Services – from Ocala Style Magazine Jan. 2011

To their great relief, “Almost immediately, Foundation Services was on the scene lending assistance—educating and advising us and stabilizing the void,” Gail reports in the January 2011 Ocala Style Magazine feature article.

Foundation Services applied the Deep Compaction Grouting process to stabilize the unstable subsurface soils and seal the limestone surface underneath the Reillys property, then restored everything to its original condition.

Unlike other companies, Foundation Services has experts in each area, from sinkhole remediation on through the final touches on the cosmetic restoration. Everything is done by their own crews, not out-sourced.

“We were in awe of how smoothly the drilling and grout injection process went,” Gail says. “Even our neighbors commented on [the crew’s] courteousness, thoughtfulness and work ethic. At the conclusion of the job, the home site looked exactly as it did at the job’s inception.”

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Client Testimonials

“Of everyone we talked to, they gave us the most reassuring feeling and walked us step by step through the process… Not only was the work performed efficiently and with the utmost care and concern for our home, but the crew was outstanding. They were polite, cordial and always careful in cleaning up after themselves, and we never felt intruded upon.”

— Richard and Nancy F., Ocala, FL