Ocala Foundation Repair Case Study – Wilburn Home


Extensive Search For The Most Qualified Company To Repair Their Home’s Foundation

Upon discovering a crack in their Ocala, FL home’s foundation, the Wilburns began investing the cause, their options, and who might have the knowledge and expertise to properly repair their foundation. In October 2009, they were told the foundation problem was related to sinkhole activity on their property.

They conducted extensive research on foundation repair companies throughout Florida, seeking a firm with a proven track record of success and a long list of satisfied customers. Mack Wilburn said:

“We found that Foundation Services offered all the qualifications we were looking for to fix the extensive problems that were required for a house of our size (about 6,000 square feet). We selected Foundation Services to take on this project.”

During the next several months, the owners, crews and staff of Foundation Services worked together as a team, and with the engineers of record to repair the home’s foundation. Mack Wilburn expresses their satifaction with Foundation Services:

“They were competent, courteous and diligent. They took a true interest in our concerns. The crews were efficient and very neat. They addressed every situation that was or could be a problem, and explained the process so we could understand it. This relieved the anxiety on our part as to what was going on. They never failed to answer all our question, no matter how small.”

Sarah Wilburn is quick to add:

“Foundation Services worked with our insurance company with out protection in mind. They presented the insurance company all the problems and kept our interests at the forefront. If anyone could be happy during this ordeal, we feel we were blessed to have Foundation Services”

With focus on a strong work ethic with unparalleled customer service, superior workmanship and technological innovation, the Sinkhole Pros team at Foundation Services can repair your sinkhole and foundation problems, too.

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Client Testimonials

“Foundation Services performed the stabilization, cosmetic repairs, and resolved all issues both inside and out.”

— Rebecca F., Ocala, FL