Professional Foundation Underpinning: Protecting the Sunshine State from Sinkholes


As geology expert Sandy Nettles says, “There’s hardly a place in Florida that’s immune to sinkholes.” This comment comes after yet another hole opened up in Seffner, the Hillsborough County, Florida neighborhood where a man was swallowed up by a sinkhole earlier this year. As shared by Daily Mail reporter Lydia Warren, this incident further proves that whenever you see the warning signs of a sinkhole opening up, you shouldn’t hesitate to call in an expert who can provide soil stabilization and foundation underpinning services to save your home.


Predicting sinkhole formation is rather difficult, and often not possible. In fact, there is usually hardly any surface evidence at all to go by, especially with various types of strata. In Florida, sinkholes could appear when you least expect them; and for Jeff Bush, who was in bed when his home was swallowed by the gaping hole underneath, this unexpected event had a fatal outcome.

Some residents of Seffner, Florida were understandably worried after two more sinkholes appeared just days afterwards only a few blocks from where Bush was killed. The danger prompted neighborhood families to temporarily relocate to hotels, while having their homes inspected for sinkhole risks, lest they be the next victims of the geological anomaly. Others, though, were less concerned, since the succeeding holes were small in diameter, although still significantly deep. Some residents were comforted by Hillsborough County spokesman Willie Puz’ statement that the various incidents were not geologically connected.

The sinkhole that claimed Jeff Bush is now filled, and has effectively become his final resting place as officials gave up hope in being able to recover his remains from the 60-foot deep hole. An empty space now sits where his home once was, as if in grim memory of the unpredictable nature of such events. Fortunately, even as the actual event cannot be predicted, the likelihood of
sinkhole formation can be gauged, and solutions sought to reduce the risk of damage from such events in particular spots.

The gradual formation of sinkholes can leave your house unstable, out of level, and literally falling apart at the seams as supporting ground underneath is eroded away. Foundation underpinning works by pushing steel pier supports through the soft soil to solid bedrock further below, thereby transferring the house’s weight to a solid foundation that can support it.

When contracting for steel pier underpinning services, the important considerations are precision and experience, because you are placing the integrity of your home-and ultimately, your safety-in the hands of the contractor you choose. So don’t settle for less. Choose a licensed sinkhole remediation and foundation repair contractor with experience, the best references, FASB membership, A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, and who uses only the strongest foundation underpinning products in the industry, ECP steel piers.

Florida is called the Sunshine State, and it is a moniker that is well deserved. However, this doesn’t remove dangers like sinkholes from the equation, and these threats could always be lurking insidiously underneath people’s homes. The only thing you can do is to be aware of the risks, and prepared for any eventualities; and if that takes consulting a top sinkhole and foundation repair company such as the Sinkhole Pros at Foundation Services of Central Florida, then it’s well worth it.

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