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sinkhole-insuranceBefore alerting your insurance company about your sinkhole or foundation problem, call us toll-free at 866-622-3723 to set up a FREE visual inspection of the damage to your home.

There are things you need to know about your situation that a “layman” cannot properly assess.  It’s important to present your information correctly to your insurance company.  Just as with an auto accident report, your detail and accuracy here can be very important in the final outcome. Also, we keep up with the frequently changing sinkhole insurance laws, practices and guidelines in Florida, so we can hep guide you smoothly through that labyrinth.

So be fair to yourself and also to your insurer. As the most trusted name in Central Florida for over 20 years for sinkhole and foundation problems, repairs and cosmetic restoration, this is our business.  We can assess what’s going on with your foundation and your property to the extent possible from a visual inspection and our vast experience.

We can get further geological tests for you, too, but only if necessary and agreed by you. These may or may not be covered by your insurance, and you need to know that in advance, too! We want to remove any elements of surprise for you as much as humanly possible, and to give you maximum control over your situation.

Just knowing you are in good hands with a company that has an outstanding reputation for the highest integrity with the kind of advice we give you will help reduce your stress and concern.  If needed, we can inform you of the different repair options and the necessary steps you will need to take, including how to report these things to your insurer.

You owe it to yourself to know your actual situation and your options so that you can speak knowledgeably with your insurance agent and adjuster about your foundation damage, sinkhole risk and other structural or soil issues.

So call us today for your FREE inspection and evaluation: 866-622-3723.

We want to help you with your next sinkhole restoration or new construction project.

We want to help you back on solid ground.

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Client Testimonials

“During a time of great distress and disarray, you and your crew exhibited integrity, compassion, patience, knowledge, and kindness from the beginning to the end of the job…Most importantly, you and your crew were respectful, honest and kind…you are definitely a Man of Your Word! … We would not hesitate to refer Foundation Services to anyone.”

— Mr. and Mrs. Calvin M., Spring Hill, FL