Gainesville Foundation Repair

Fluctuations of weather in Gainesville can greatly affect the soils beneath structures and cause the soil to expand and contract. This type of underground shifting can cause voids under the foundation creating the lack of support it needs, which forces the foundation to crack, shift and settle.

Shifting, settling, or cracking foundations can lead to issues such as total foundation failure. Thus, they need to be addressed as soon as they are detected. Following are a few signs of foundation issues:

  • Cracked walls, slabs, tile and chimneys
  • Stairstep cracks in walls
  • Sticking doors and windows
  • Sloping or sagging floors

If and when you find any of these signs around your home or business in Gainesville, please do not hesitate to call Foundation Services of Central Florida.

You need a contractor you can trust… Foundation Services of Central Florida is someone who genuinely cares about you and your project… who will answer all your questions, explain your options and be accessible to you throughout the process… someone committed to doing things the right way, with the most advanced technology and best materials… someone who doesn’t cut corners, but takes painstaking efforts to ensure that every detail is taken care of on your project, and who stands behind their work with guarantees you can count on.


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Client Testimonials

“…These folks are hard working, helpful, polite, and professional. They will assist you in any way they can… They clean up each day… They explain each days scheduling and the reasons for it… We were relieved to place out home in their hands. It was the right decision….”

— Fred and Sandra B., Ocala, FL