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tampa-sinkholeWhile Florida may be best known for its beaches, warm climate and world-class theme parks, it also is known as being home to Sinkhole Alley. Sinkholes can develop in any area, but they are highly common in Florida due to the unique natural conditions in place. Under the surface layer of soil in Florida, porous limestone is in place. This limestone absorbs water that sinks into the ground. Unfortunately, much of the groundwater in Florida is acidic, and it erodes smaller or larger sections of the underground limestone over time. This creates crevices and even caves that can collapse inward. When this happens, the top layer of soil and anything built on the soil collapse or sink into the ground. Some sinkholes are tens or even hundreds of feet deep.

tampa-map-sinkholeBetween 2006 and 2010, approximately two-thirds of the insurance claims related to sinkholes were reported in three central Florida counties, known as Sinkhole Alley. This includes Hillsborough County as well as Pasco and Hernando counties. Communities like St. Petersburg, Lakeland and Clearwater are also included in this area. While it may seem as though there are increased reports about sinkholes, it is believed that the number of homes affected by sinkholes is only increasing due to the population growth in the area. Sinkholes that developed years ago on undeveloped land received little media attention, but these areas of land are now covered by homes, retail centers and other developments.

The fact is that some sinkholes are too large and deep for workers to safely fix, but some can benefit from Tampa Florida sinkhole repair. When the ground has shifted only slightly, Tampa Florida foundation repair can stabilize the home and repair the foundation so that the family can continue to live in the home. Those who believe that their home has shifted due to a sinkhole or ground settling can contact Foundation Services of Central Florida to inspect the property and to determine what the best course of action for the home is. Keep in mind that foundation damage should be repaired quickly to minimize further damage to the home, so contact Foundation Services of Central Florida today.

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“We take this opportunity to recommend Foundation Services Inc. to anyone who’s life and home has been interrupted by sink hole activities, and need a company that we have experienced with a team of professional men that has given our family peace of mind and stability as was needed. The following list would best describe this company and the entire crew that corrected this tragic damage to our home… [see the Letter for ratings list]”

— Milton and Theresa Farley, Spring Hill, FL