Loves Travel Center, Ocala, FL

Pre-Construction Sinkhole Remediation With Compaction Grouting By The Sinkhole Pros


LOVES TRAVEL CENTER’s newest location required sinkhole remediation prior to construction, so they called in the Sinkhole Pros at Foundation Services of Central Florida, Inc. to stabilize and solidify the soils with deep compaction grouting.

OTHER NOTABLE GROUTING PROJECTS completed by Foundation Services include the following (and many more) commercial and infrastructure soil stabilization, sinkhole remediation and foundation repair projects:

  • Wal-Mart, High Springs, compaction grouting of drainage retention area
  • Morriston Baptist Church, Morriston, FL, compaction grouting for new sanctuary
  • Fore Ranch, Ocala, FL, residential properties and some drainage retention work
  • Spruce Creek subdivision, Ocala FL, drainage retention work
  • Florida Department of Transportation, Central Florida, right-of-way compaction grouting (several)


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Client Testimonials

“We take this opportunity to recommend Foundation Services Inc. to anyone who’s life and home has been interrupted by sink hole activities, and need a company that we have experienced with a team of professional men that has given our family peace of mind and stability as was needed. The following list would best describe this company and the entire crew that corrected this tragic damage to our home… [see the Letter for ratings list]”

— Milton and Theresa Farley, Spring Hill, FL