NASA, Cape Canaveral, FL

Working Under Pressure To Complete Foundation Repair With Underpinning Prior To Shuttle Launch


The “emergency” foundation repair work for NASA’s Information Center just prior to Shuttle launch brought many challenges such as:

  • During the space race in the 1950′s and 1960′s, infrastructure was laid quickly “whenever and wherever” at Cape Canaveral, so engineers could not be certain where underground utilities were located.
  • The stringent security restrictions required the crews to undergo strict background checks and follow detailed instructions as they traveled from a checkpoint to the worksite under closely monitored security supervision.

Foundation Services worked under tight time pressure through technical intricacies and challenging logistics to stop foundation settlement and deliver structural lift, with top quality workmanship and technological innovation, before the shuttle launch. The project required foundation underpinning, for which Foundation Services used the strongest steel piers in the industry, Earth Contact Products (ECP) steel piers.


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