Underdrain Systems

Do you have excess water near your foundation? A drainage problem caused by clay soils, or water flowing downhill from a neighbor’s higher elevation?

The French Drain Solution For Drainage Problems Affecting Your Foundation

underdrain-repair-foundationExcess water near your foundation can cause the structure to move due to shrinking and swelling of the existing soils (especially clay soils), causing foundation damage with tell-tale cracks in your ceilings and walls and worse.

The solution? A dual underground drainage system typically called a “French Drain” may be your answer. It is designed to catch water from gutters and downspouts in one drain pipe, and to catch surface and excess lateral, subterranean ground water in a second pipe, so your foundation is not damaged by either of these water collections. Then it uses gravity to carry the excess groundwater from around your building’s foundation to an acceptable permeable area.

To construct this drainage system:
  • A trench is dug about 2 feet away from the structure. Its depth will vary depending on the slope of the grade and factors pertinent to the area where the water is being diverted.
  • Filter fabric is used to cover the bottom of the trench before the drainpipes are installed.
  • Two drainpipes are typically used: (1) a 6-inch perforated sock drain to catch lateral water flow and surface water, and (2) a 6-inch solid drain to carry water from gutters and downspouts.
  • 12 inches of gravel is then placed into the trench over the pipes and fully wrapped with the filter fabric.
  • Heavy grain and sand are placed on top of the gravel up to finish grade.

These underdrain systems are designed for the collection and distribution of excess water with retention of filtering media and an open area outlet designed to prevent or reduce plugging.

They are highly customizable and used for both remedial drainage in a foundation repair project and as a prevention in new construction. Most important of all, they can be the simple key to saving your foundation’s integrity and saving you many thousands of dollars!

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