We Guarantee All Our Contracting Services!

Providing Sinkhole, Foundation, Seawall And General Contracting Services Throughout Florida With One Call To Foundation Services in Ocala, FL


Guaranteeing Your Contracting Project’s Quality From The Underground Up!

We give you peace of mind with the longest tradition in Florida for innovative and cost-effective solutions with expert crews and superior customer service coordinated with a single call out of our home office in Ocala, Florida to:

  1. Resolve sinkhole problems, provide pre-construction sinkhole remediation and post-sinkhole restoration
  2. Fix foundation problems, lift concrete, underpin new and existing foundations, repair foundation cracks, install underdrain systems
  3. Stabilize soils and provide zero excavation infrastructure repair with the grouting process that’s right for you – deep compaction pressure grouting, chemical grouting, polygrouting, slurry grouting, alone or in combination
  4. Repair and maintain sea walls with superior techniques of 80 years experience most seawall companies don’t employ
  5. Repair sinkhole – fire – wind – water damage and restore the cosmetics of your structures and grounds
  6. Build sound new foundations, new construction concrete pilings, custom homes, design-build projects, more…

When emergency subsurface problems strike, we have the ability to mobilize quickly to remediate the problem and begin restoration, providing a convenient and efficient one-stop-shop for your entire project. We use our own custom equipment, maintained in our own shop, for reliability and accessibility when emergencies strike, and our expert crews are responsive to your call A.S.A.P.! We do not use sub-contractors. Check out our start-to-finish services here.

We give you the best Warranties in the industry on our work, and we guarantee you “Quality From The Underground Up!”


We want to help you with your next sinkhole restoration or new construction project.

We want to help you back on solid ground.

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Client Testimonials

“Although other companies made proposals, we kept reflecting on how knowledgeable, professional, and efficient Robert was. Never-the-less, we spent weeks researching the grouting process, the standards of the industry, and contacting references provided before entrusting the remediation of our home to Foundation Services. …We were in awe of how smoothly the drilling and grout injection process went…at the conclusion of the job, the home site looked exactly as it did at the job’s inception.”

— Gail and Joe R., Ocala, FL