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Sinkhole Repair Services in Florida

The Most Technologically Advanced Grouting And Underpinning For Your Total Sinkhole Repair — Serving Ocala, Gainesville, Tallahassee, Spring Hill, Orlando, Tampa And All Florida


18′ x 14′ x 15′ deep sinkhole in the Reillys’ front yard featured in Ocala Style Magazine, December 28, 2010 — “Almost immediately, Foundation Services was on the scene lending assistance—educating and advising us and stabilizing the void.” ~ Gail Reilly

“Although other companies made proposals, we kept reflecting on how knowledgeable, professional, and efficient Robert was… We were in awe of how smoothly the drilling and grout injection process went… At the conclusion of the job, the home site looked exactly as it did at the job’s inception.”

– Gail & Joe Reilly, Ocala, Florida Sinkhole Repair Project


Sinkhole Remediation and Post-Sinkhole Repair Services

Services You Can Trust …The Sinkhole ProsTM at Foundation Services of Central Florida, Ocala, FL are the #1 most trusted and experienced name in Sinkhole Repair in Central Florida. We have completed more than 2,000 successful sinkhole and foundation repair projects in the state over more than two decades, including also the post-sinkhole cosmetic restoration, landscaping and hardscape touches to complete your project with “Quality From The Underground Up!”

We have the expertise and resources to handle your sinkhole remediation and post-sinkhole repairs with state-of-the-art techniques and materials. We are known for quality work, superior customer service, professionalism, expert crews, and on-time delivery with the most technologically advanced services and products. We use our own custom equipment maintained in our own shop to ensure your job is done right, and give industry-leading Warranties on all our work.

The sinkhole remediation method(s) chosen will depend upon a number of site-specific and geotechnical considerations, but will involve one or more of these sinkhole repair service categories:

Grouting Services
  • Deep compaction grouting is the most used method to reduce sinkhole potential, stabilize existing sinkholes and fill sinkhole voids. Due to its high pressure injection, compaction grouting must be stopped within 20 feet of a structure to prevent heaving or other damage. Soils above that may then require a low pressure slurry grouting process to permeate soil particles and cement them together.
  • Chemical grouting and polyurethane foam injection are used to stabilize shallow soils, lift foundations and slabs, repair fractures in concrete, create water cutoff walls and waterproofing bonds, for seawall repair and other non-sinkhole related applications. Chemical grouting may also be used to stabilize the upper soils around your home following deep compaction grouting or foundation underpinning.
Underpinning Services
  • ECP steel piers and helical anchors are effective in all soil types and depths to stabilize and support foundations, especially important if your foundation has been damaged by sinkhole activity underneath your home.  They can be drilled down to variable depths as required to transfer a foundation’s weight to the load bearing stratum or bedrock. They can also be installed under existing foundations in difficult locations with minimal disruption.
  • Deep compaction grouting (pressure grouting) or slurry grouting may be used in conjunction with steel pier underpinning. Deep compaction grouting can also be used to underpin foundations in difficult situations.
Other Sinkhole Remediation And Restoration Services
  • Post Sinkhole Restoration – We provide full structural and cosmetic restoration of your property and its buildings, including also hardscapes and landscaping.
  • Pre-Construction Sinkhole Remediation And Soil StabilizationPre-construction compaction grouting was required for the newest Love’s in Ocala, FL, Vanguard High School in Ocala and many more projects. Our soil stabilization teams assure there’s solid ground before our construction teams pour the strong foundations for which we (including co-owner, Bobby Hardin’s, company) have been known for over 1/2 century! …We combine solid experience of decades with the latest technology for the most trusted sinkhole and foundation work in Central Florida and beyond.
  • Sinkhole Pressure Grouting


Deep Compaction Grouting

For sinkhole conditions under your home, you need to fill the cavities and solidify the soils down to the bedrock through a specialized injection grouting process known as “Deep Compaction Grouting” or simply “Pressure Grouting”….

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Chemical Grout Injection

Grout injection to stabilize loose, shallow soils near the surface of your home or pool, for underpinning foundations with limited access, for foundation and slab releveling and lifting, to restore a concrete structure’s integrity economically…

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Foundation Underpinning

When steel piers are needed to shift your structure’s weight onto bedrock deep below to repair, raise and stabilize your foundation — or to prevent foundation settling in new construction — we use the industry’s strongest, most advanced underpinning products…

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Drilled Piers

For long-lasting stability, to stop settlement and provide structural lift in all soil types, end-bearing, precision manufactured piers can be installed under existing foundations from inside or outside the structure and driven down to a verified load-bearing stratum…

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The Sinkhole ProsTM at Foundation Services of Central Florida, Inc. are the #1 most trusted name in Sinkhole Repair in Florida, completing more than 2,000 successful sinkhole and foundation repair projects in the state over more than two decades. We are known for quality work, superior customer service, professionalism, expert crews, most technologically advanced services and products, and custom equipment maintained in our own shop to ensure your job is done right, with warranties on all our work. Serving customers in the “Sinkhole Alley” of Central FL including Gainesville, Ocala, Spring Hill, Citrus Hills, Tampa, Orlando, as well as the Panhandle, South Florida, and Northeast Florida through the Jacksonville area. For more information on our service areas, click here!

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Client Testimonials

“…the extra touches that you brought to the project show concern and respect for the customer that most obviously is a company policy.”

— John C., Gainesville, FL