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With The Most Sinkholes In The USA, The Majority Of Florida’s Sinkholes Cluster Within 100 Miles Of Foundation Services’ Headquarters In Ocala, FL


Florida has the highest occurrence of sinkholes in the country, with a majority clustered in Central Florida areas within a 100 mile radius of Ocala FL. Foundation Services of Central Florida remediates sinkholes throughout the state, but the bulk of our sinkhole work is in this radius, where we perform 100 to 125 compaction grouting jobs each year. The Meinson’s 2013 experience is one of them.

Roy and Pat Meinson lived in their Southwest Marion County home for 19 years, only to be shocked when they asked for evaluation of the continually reappearing cracks. It was a sinkhole! The sinkhole remediation process consumed 15 truckloads of grout when the Sinkhole Pros at Foundation Services rescued their home with deep compaction grouting.

Foundation Services is the most experienced sinkhole remediation and foundation repair company in Central Florida. We perform the industry’s soundest sinkhole repair services in Florida with the most advanced technology, superior products, custom equipment and our own expert crews. Geotechnical engineers will direct the type of grout and/or underpinning and various technical, exacting specifications tailored to your specific property.

Sinkhole remediation will usually involve grouting services. A structure’s sinkhole and foundation repair may also require foundation underpinning and carries a lifetime, transferable warranty. For a Free Assessment – Call 352-622-9218.


“Limestone underground Florida, and especially Marion County, is a hotbed for sinkholes.”

On June 27, 2012, TV20 Reporter Natalia Martinez astonished audiences about the 47 sinkholes that suddenly appeared in Marion County in just a couple of days after Super Storm Sandy dropped massive volumes of rainwater on the area.

As the “Sinkhole Pros” at Foundation Services were called in for sinkhole repair at Fore Ranch, General Manager and Partner, Robert Stephenson, reported that his usual 8-9 crews were all working around the clock. A 30-foot-deep sinkhole formed at the Baseline Landfill, and a giant sinkhole forced 8 families to flee Ocala’s Fore Ranch Subdivision, and continuing until 53 sinkholes had been reported within just days.

While most Florida sinkholes tend to develop slowly as rainwater dissolves the limestone below, when heavy rains follow drought, the weight can send the groundcover crashing into caverns below in sudden “catastrophic groundcover collapse.”

The videotaped interview and post-storm sinkhole news can be found through our blog post or at  FL Sinkholes In Wake Of Raging Storm Debby.

Why The Sinkhole Pros For Ocala Sinkhole Repair?


18′ x 14′ x 15′ deep sinkhole in the Reillys’ front yard featured in Ocala Style Magazine, December 28, 2010

Customer experience reported in “Ocala Style” tells it best… When Gail and Joe Reilly awakened to find an 18 x 14 foot sinkhole in the front yard of their Ocala home, the “Sinkhole Pros” at Foundation Services were there promptly to help.

They used pressure grouting to remediate the 15-foot-deep sinkhole, fill the voids, seal the limestone surface underneath the Reillys property, stabilize and densify surrounding soils.

This deep compaction grouting process creates columns of overlapping grout bulbs which expand to fill the voids, and put the Reillys home back on solid ground.

Once the sinkhole was remediated and their home saved, the Reillys were in awe of how quiet, efficient and minimally intrusive the drilling and grout injection process were. They were especially complimentary of the crew’s courteousness, thoughtfulness and work ethic, hallmarks of Foundation Services’ mission and promise … their insistence on premier customer service and delivering “Quality From The Underground Up!”


Ocala Style Magazine Featured “The Sinkhole Pros” at Foundation Services, Ocala, FL

That focus on quality, reliability and integrity showed in the finishing touches, too. Foundation Services uses only its own specially trained crews and state-of-the-art equipment maintained in the company’s own shop. Unlike most other companies, they do not subcontract their work. The Reillys were impressed with the completeness of their home’s restoration through all the final touches, the cosmetics that complete a home… done seamlessly for them all through the single call to Foundation Services.

The Reillys were interviewed by “Ocala Style Magazine” for its cover feature article on “The Sinkhole Pros” and the four owners. Respected members of the Ocala community, they have over 150 years’ combined experience as leaders in foundation and sinkhole repair and related general contracting services in this market. [See the Ocala Style blog post ] The article speaks to the reason Robert Stephenson, Keith Seyler, Bobby Hardin, Darryl Hampy and their expert crews are widely considered the most trusted sinkhole and foundation company in Central Florida.

Commercial And School Work In The Ocala Area


Vanguard High School is just one of the Ocala commercial and community sinkhole remediation projects by Foundation Services

Sinkhole remediation with Deep Compaction Grouting for Ocala area schools is nothing new to Foundation Services. Pre-construction remediation by grouting permitted the Vanguard School development.

Likewise, Ocala’s Hammett Brown Elementary School and Howard Middle School required deep compaction pressure grouting to solve their sinkhole problems, as did the nearby Reddick Collier Elementary School. 100 grout injection points were required to solve the sinkhole problem at Ocala’s Booster Stadium, half beneath the seating area and half on the football field.

Other schools in the Ocala region have, likewise required the services of Foundation Services, such as University High School, Orlando and Homosassa Elementary School. Colleges, too, have required soil stabilization and foundation repair work, including the University of Florida, Gainesville’s McKethan Baseball Stadium at Perry Field.


Sinkhole remediation by Foundation Services prepared the site for Love’s new Travel Center in Ocala FL

Commercial enterprises are not exempt from the region’s sinkhole issues, so they turn to Foundation Services. Love’s Travel Center in Ocala required pre-construction site preparation with compaction grouting before the land was usable.

The hospital addition at the Morse-Moffitt Cancer Center required injection of StableSoils’ proprietary “Soil Binder” chemical grouting to hold back foundation soils and protect the existing structure for safe excavation and installation of support piles, resulting in the only foundation to be without damage in subsequent superstorms.

The list of Ocala area sinkhole projects is extensive… not to mention the complex foundation work for NASA just prior to a shuttle launch, among the more than 2,000 successfully completed projects within about a 100-mile radius of Ocala. See some commercial and residential project case studies here. A sampling of the many testimonials from Ocala and Gainesville area neighbors, satisfied and relieved sinkhole repair customers can be found here.

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