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Sinkhole And Foundation Repair Information And Resources


Sinkholes and foundation failure are not something most homeowners think about and may be overlooked when buying a property. Most general contractors are not well educated in this area, or may cut corners during construction to shave costs.

You, the property owner, need to be informed about issues that might affect you. Here’s help. Contact us if you suspect a problem or simply have questions.


GET LINKS and content descriptions for more information and assistance (such as Florida Geological Society links and other select webpages), Association and Government sites, Water Management Districts, Maps and Publications, more government webpages about Sinkholes…

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Sinkholes FAQ

GET ANSWERS to your questions: how sinkholes form, how you can tell if you have a developing problem and what to do about it, a sinkhole in your yard or street, sinkhole insurance, filling a sinkhole and stabilizing your soil, our foundation stabilization warranty…

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Signs of Foundation Failure

The signs are there inside your house with cracks in sheetrock and floors, large gaps in windows and doors letting in cold, trim out of alignment, uneven floors and leaning walls, water leakage in the basement, in the garage… Call for a FREE foundation assessment 352-622-9218

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Causes of Foundation Failure

What should you know about the things that make your foundation shift and cracks appear… things such as transpiration when roots under structures dehydrate and shrink the soil, poor soils with poor building site preparation, insufficient steel in a new foundation’s concrete, drainage and more…

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Foundation Repair F.A.Q.

FIND OUT what to expect with foundation repairs, the options and repair process, how long it will take and if there will be disruption to your property, any impact on your home’s value, cosmetic repairs and landscape finishing touches, products used and warranties…

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How to Choose Your Contractor

If geological engineers confirm sinkhole related damage and provide you with a list of sinkhole repair companies in your area, what do you do next? Here’s a list of a dozen questions to ask each sinkhole and foundation repair company…

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Understanding Sinkhole Insurance

Are you covered? As sinkhole insurance keeps changing in Florida, there are a few provisions you should know that could make all the difference should sinkhole damage occur. We stay on top of insurance provisions with strong relationships with Florida’s top insurers…

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We want to help you with your next sinkhole restoration or new construction project.

We want to help you back on solid ground.

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Client Testimonials

“Of everyone we talked to, they gave us the most reassuring feeling and walked us step by step through the process… Not only was the work performed efficiently and with the utmost care and concern for our home, but the crew was outstanding. They were polite, cordial and always careful in cleaning up after themselves, and we never felt intruded upon.”

— Richard and Nancy F., Ocala, FL