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Reillys-SInkhole-Ocala-2Sinkhole Repair
The most innovative, technologically advanced pressure grouting, chemical grouting, underpinning and other foundation services for your total sinkhole remediation and repair with a keen eye to top quality workmanship and service.

Foundation Repair
Putting your foundation back on solid ground with underpinning, grouting, soil stabilization and quality restoration from the underground up. Find out more about these foundation repair options, and why we use the industry’s #1 standard for steel piering systems and helical torque anchors.

Earth Contact Products (ECP)
The leading manufacturer of steel foundation repair, basement waterproofing and guy wire anchor products in the industry for homeowners, ECP’s select network of top quality foundation repair contractors, electric utilities, the engineering community and for new construction. ECP makes the strongest resistance piers and helical piles, with premier quality control, customer service and precision customization.

StableSoilsLogoStableSoils of Florida – a Foundation Services Company
The premier poly grout professionals for soil stabilization for residential, commercial, infrastructure and sea wall applications. Specialties include polyurethane injection that’s strong, inert, clean, quiet and fast, concrete slab raising, zero excavation infrastructure repair, infrastructure chemical grouting, abandoned pipe grouting, StableSoils Soil Binder, structural chemical grouting and extensive sea wall applications. More on www.StableSoils.com.

Sinkholes FAQ
What you need to know about sinkholes in Florida, karst terrain, what accelerates sinkhole formation, how to know if a sinkhole is developing, and myriad questions about sinkhole formation, insurance, repair.

Foundation Repair FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the foundation repair process and materials, the signs of foundation failure and sinkhole damage, underpinning and grouting, cosmetic repairs, home resale value, warranties and more.

Guaranteed, Transferable Florida Foundation Stabilization Warranty
The industry’s first and only 10-year transferable warranty for Florida foundation stabilization projects, giving you the most comprehensive warranty coverage in the industry. Offered through America’s largest warranty coverage, it’s the first to be guaranteed by an A+ rated global insurer in A.M. Best’s highest financial size category…and it’s free to the homeowner.

How To Choose Your Contractor
Sinkhole and foundation repair companies are not created equal. So here’s a list of questions to ask each repair company bidding for your business, questions about references, association memberships, experience levels, the handling of disruptions and unexpected situations, the products and equipment used, etc.

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Florida Association of Sinkhole Stabilization Specialists (FAS3) — Florida’s premier association of engineers, geologists and contractors concerned with the planning, design and construction of subsurface grouting and foundation stabilization. You should only use a sinkhole and foundation repair specialist who has qualified to be a member of FAS3.

Learn about foundation repair products like helical piers, steel piers and plate anchors, and read about what you need to look for if you suspect there are problems with your home’s foundation. Foundation repair articles explain your repair choices.

Better Business Bureau
An ethical marketplace which rates businesses, sets standards for marketplace trust, encourages best practices, and denounces substandard marketplace behavior. You should always check out a contractor with your local BBB and read any complaints before making your selection. Foundation Services of Central Florida, Inc. has an A+ rating from the BBB of Central Florida.

Foundation Engineers Network
A web resource for homeowners who are looking for a professional engineer who will guide them through the process of foundation repair.

Marion County Building Industry Association
The Marion County Building Industry Association (MCBIA) is a professional not-for-profit trade organization dedicated to the betterment of the construction industry and the community.

Builders Association of North Central Florida (BANCF)
“The Voice of the Building Industry,” the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is a trade association that helps promote the policies that make housing a national priority.

H.W. Barrineau & Associates, Inc.

An engineering and consulting services firm located in Ocala, Florida, H.W. Barrineau also has expertise in the areas of soil stabilization and sinkholes.

The Foundation Repair Association, Inc.
A professional national organization that exists to promote high ethical standards in the practice of foundation repair and to promote cooperation between the foundation repair industry and government.

Government Websites


Online Sunshine – Florida Statue 627.707
Investigation of sinkhole claims; insurer payment; nonrenewals.—Upon receipt of a claim for a sinkhole loss to a covered building, an insurer must meet the following standards in investigating a claim…

Contacts and Links for Information and Assistance (Courtesy of Florida Geological Survey)
Northern Florida Department of Environmental Protection Offices
Water Management Districts
Maps and Publications


Florida Sinkhole Map – Florida Geological Survey Poster

Publications or maps from the Florida Geological Survey
Some of the best Florida sinkhole maps available are for sale on through FGS. Go to the FGS homepage and click “List of Publications” on the right (in the Quick Links box). Read the directions on that page before opening the List of Publications to see the download page. To Order, from the “List of Publications” download page, simply click on the blue box that says “Order Form & Ordering Instructions.”

Topographic maps for Florida
Topographic maps are available from the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Go to the USGS homepage at http://www.usgs.gov/ and click “Publications,” then click “USGS Store.”

About Sinkholes – Government Websites


Sinkhole Map – USGS Water Science School

USGS Water Science School – “Sinkholes”

“Sinkholes, water, and geology. What is a sinkhole? From the USGS Water Science for Schools site.” (Note that the most damage from sinkholes tends to occur in Florida, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Pennsylvania.)

Sinkholes in Florida (FGS)
FGS, Sinkholes in Florida – Welcome | Florida Department of Environmental Protection – www.dep.state.fl.us/geology/geologictopics/sinkhole.htm

“Sinkholes are common features of Florida’s landscape. They are only one of many kinds of karst landforms, which include caves, disappearing streams, springs, and underground drainage systems, all of which occur in Florida…. Suggested reading: Lane, Ed, 1986, Karst in Florida: Florida Geological Survey Special Publication 29, 100 p.
For sinkhole questions call FGS: 850-617-0301

Florida Geological Survey – FAQ

Frequently asked questions about sinkhole and other miscellaneous questions and answers. Also contains: Florida County Emergency Management websites, Florida Municipal Emergency Management Agencies.

Sinkholes – Southwest Florida Water Management District

Weather & Hydrology. Sinkholes. – “What is a sinkhole? Sinkholes are are depressions or holes in the land surface that occur throughout west-central Florida. They can be shallow or deep, small or large, but all are a result of the dissolving of the underlying limestone….”

Sinkhole Information – Water Quality Services – Environmental Utilities

Lake County, Florida – “Sinkholes are a common naturally occurring geologic phenomenon and one of the predominant land forms in Florida. Many of the lakes in Florida are relic sinkholes….”

Sinkholes – North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Division of Water Resources – Education and Technical Assistance – Ground Water – Sinkholes. “A sinkhole is a naturally occurring, roughly circular depression in the land surface, formed most commonly in areas of limestone bedrock….” [Aerial pictures of Florida sinkhole lakes, massive Winter Park, Florida sinkhole, etc..]

Devils Kitchen Sinkhole – Arizona Geology | Online! – The Arizona Geological Surveyhttp://www.azgs.az.gov/arizona_geology/winter09/article_devilskitchen.html

Feature Article: “Devils Kitchen Sinkhole – Sedona, AZ: A Potential Geohazard” – “…In 1990, the U.S. Forest Service, concerned for the safety of unwary visitors, prompted a geologic study of one sinkhole, Devils Kitchen. This article summarizes study of the geometry, origin and potential hazards….”

Sinkhole Formation – Geological Survey – Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Geological Survey Program Sinkhole Formation . A sinkhole (also called a doline) is a depressed area usually formed by solution of surficial bedrock or collapse of underlying caves. The surface expression of a sinkhole is typically a conical depression or….” [Presents 8 Stage diagrams.]

Sinkhole – Tile 1 – Systematic Mapping of Bedrock and Habitats along the Florida Reef Tract …http://pubs.usgs.gov/pp/2007/1751/professional-paper/tile1/sinkhole.html

USGS – FISC – St. Petersburg. Coastal & Marine Geology Program – Center for Coastal & Watershed Studies – USGS Professional Paper 1751, Barbara H. Lidz, Christopher D. Reich, and Eugene A. Shinn. Tile 1. Geography; Sector-Specific Studies; Geologic Highlights: Rodriguez Key; Sinkhole; Captain Roy’s Reef; Grecian Rocks; Key Largo Dry Rocks; Mosquito Bank, White Bank, Coral-Rock Ridges, and French Reef; Carysfort Reef; The Elbow. Molasses Reef and Little Molasses Island. Pickles Reef. …

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