Sinkhole Repair In Spring Hill, FL

With Hernando County and Spring Hill leading the state of Florida in Sinkholes, watchful Homeowners may need “Prevention” with Grouting or Underpinning

“We would not hesitate to refer Foundation Services to anyone with a similar [sinkhole repair and grouting] need. Our experience with Foundation Services rates you ABOVE the rest and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It would be our pleasure if you use us as a referral in the future.”

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Sinkholes-By-FL-County-231x300The Spring Hill Area Leads Florida In Sinkholes… 6,106 Sinkholes Reported In Hernando County 2000-2013!

The “Greater Spring Hill Area” is at the heart of Florida’s “Sinkhole Alley” in Hernando County. Hernando accounts for roughly one-fourth of total sinkhole claims in Florida the state that leads the nation.

There were 4,276 sinkhole claims filed in Hernando County just during the 2006-2009 period. That amounted to 23.8% of Florida’s total sinkhole claims. Hernando County’s share of Florida claims increased to 26.3% in 2010, with more surges after that. Periods of heavy rains and flooding, especially if following drought, cause the rate of new sinkhole appearance to double, such as the more than 50 sinkholes that developed in just days after Super Storm Debby in June 2012.

The chart to the left shows known sinkholes (“dolenes”) in the County, including both bowl-shaped, shallow depressions from slowly dissolving limerock and ground cover collapses into the underground caverns formed by dissolution of the bedrock, forming deep sinkholes. This is how many of the numerous lakes in the area were formed.

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Sinkhole Repair Services In Spring Hill And Hernando County, FL

The Sinkhole Pros at Foundation Services of Central Florida handle all Florida sinkhole repair services and Florida foundation repair services with just one call to 866-622-3723 or 352-622-9218. We provide:

  • 24/7 Emergency Sinkhole Stabilization — 866-622-3723
  • Soil stabilization, reducing sinkhole potential with deep compaction grouting
  • Soil stabilization of loose shallow soils around your foundation with chemical grouting
  • Sinkhole remediation and filling voids to put you back on solid ground
  • Zero excavation slab lifting with polyurethane foam injection
  • Foundation stabilization with grouting and/or steel pier underpinning
  • Foundation crack repair and concrete repair
  • Structural repairs and general contracting services
  • Post sinkhole cosmetic restoration of structures
  • All other sinkhole and foundation preventive and remedial contracting services

We use only our own expertly trained, experienced, specialized crews – never subcontractors. We use our own custom equipment, maintained in our own shop for maximum reliability, and only the latest and best sinkhole and foundation industry products, with the most technologically advanced and proven methods to solve your specific problems.

The sooner we take care of your needs, the less damage you will have incurred and the lower the costs. So…… Contact us TODAY for a FREE ASSESSMENT: 352-622-9218


“During a time of great distress and disarray, you and your crew exhibited integrity, compassion, patience, knowledge and kindness from beginning to end of the job… both you and your crew were respectful, honest and kind… you are definitely a Man of Your Word!”

– Calvin Merritt, Spring Hill, FL grouting & sinkhole remediation 3/25/2010


Our Sinkhole Repair Service Areas

The primary service area of Foundation Services of Central Florida for sinkhole remediation, soil stabilization and foundation repair with grouting, polyurethane foam injection, underpinning and other advanced techniques includes the counties within a 100-mile radius of our “home” in Ocala. That area incorporates ALL the top 10 sinkhole-prone counties in the state (per RiskMeter.com 2011).

The 10 Florida counties with the highest reported sinkhole activity include our “home county” of Marion and the nearby counties of Citrus County and Hernando County that are part of the greater Spring Hill area, in addition to Pasco, Lake and Polk Counties, plus the Tampa Bay Area (Hillsborough and Pinellas Counties) and Orlando Area (Orange and Seminole Counties). All are within our “immediate strike range” for 24/7 help when you need it most!

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