Spring Hill sinkholes have impact on local economy… but the future is looking healthy

Photo courtest of Hernando Today

Photo courtesy of Hernando Today

Known to many as “Sinkhole Capital of the World”, Spring Hill, Florida has just released a report on the effects of sinkholes on the economy. Although homes with sinkholes cause Hernando County to loose revenue on residential taxes, it seems to have no effect on the commercial growth of the County.

So what is the damage of having a sinkhole?
The market value of properties with unrepaired sinkholes are depreciated 50 percent. Once those properties are repaired, the value is increased to 90 percent of its full potential value.

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An interview with Florida State Homes

Robert Stephenson (General Manager/Partner) sat down with Florida State Homes and shared his expertise on sinkhole remediation, home restoration, and his thoughts on business.

What Insurance Covers

sinkhole-insuranceBefore alerting your insurance company about your sinkhole or foundation problem, call us toll-free at 866-622-3723 to set up a FREE visual inspection of the damage to your home.

There are things you need to know about your situation that a “layman” cannot properly assess.  It’s important to present your information correctly to your insurance company.  Just as with an auto accident report, your detail and accuracy here can be very important in the final outcome. Also, we keep up with the frequently changing sinkhole insurance laws, practices and guidelines in Florida, so we can hep guide you smoothly through that labyrinth.


Public Advised to be Judicious in Choosing Florida Grouting Services


Grout has a wide array of applications, mainly in construction, due to its ability to fill gaps and make a foundation or structure more patent. Grout has also proven to be an effective deterrent to sinkholes, which are always a matter of grave concern in Florida, as its geological features provide the ideal conditions for these problems. If not executed correctly, however, grouting can be as much of a problem as the sinkholes it aims to prevent. Eric Glasser of WTSP 10News reports that the sinkhole fix to a 76-year-old woman’s home “did more harm than good.” (more…)

Sinkhole Incidents a Call to Action for Florida Foundation Repair


The sudden appearance of a hundred-foot-deep sinkhole in a Guatemala city street in 2010 alerted the whole world to the danger of these perilous pits. This small country in the Caribbean isn’t the only sinkhole-prone place in the world. Tampa Bay Times’ Caitlin Johnston reports that the danger of sinkholes is present much closer to home, with several communities in central Florida possibly sitting on top of a future hole. In fact, two thirds of all reported Florida sinkholes in recent years have occurred in just three contiguous counties, from the Tampa Bay area up through the most high risk county, Hernando, where news coverage has mentioned specific preventive sinkhole repair in Spring Hill as critical to saving homes (and possibly lives). (more…)

Professional Foundation Underpinning: Protecting the Sunshine State from Sinkholes


As geology expert Sandy Nettles says, “There’s hardly a place in Florida that’s immune to sinkholes.” This comment comes after yet another hole opened up in Seffner, the Hillsborough County, Florida neighborhood where a man was swallowed up by a sinkhole earlier this year. As shared by Daily Mail reporter Lydia Warren, this incident further proves that whenever you see the warning signs of a sinkhole opening up, you shouldn’t hesitate to call in an expert who can provide soil stabilization and foundation underpinning services to save your home.


Spring Hill, Hernando County Tops In Florida Sinkholes


Beautiful Spring Hill in Hernando County has a disconcerting side, the unseen underground erosion activity of the limestone and other weak soils on which it is built. The probability of a sinkhole’s development in Hernando County is high due to the area’s geological composition. This is especially true in the rainy season, when more than twice the number of sinkholes occurs as in the dry period. Above is the sinkhole that suddenly disrupted a runway at the Hernando County Airport following the massive rains of Tropical Storm Debby in June 2012. While your individual risk still remains low, vigilance is important and fast action can often prevent a nightmare. (more…)

Keeping Track Of Florida Sinkhole Repair Jobs

appraiserA property appraiser in Florida’s Hillsborough County has called on the county leadership to consider creating a tracking database for all sinkhole inspections and repair assignments. Bob Henriquez said a “start-to-end tracking method” identical to measures in Pasco and Hernando counties will require sinkhole investigators such as geologists or geotechnical engineers to apply for permits before working onsite. The information will also help house hunters check if their prospective home is endangered by potential sinkhole formation before making the purchase. (more…)

Sinkholes Are A Growing Pain For Marion County Homeowners

Ocala Star Banner Features Sinkhole Remediation By Foundation Services

The risk of sinkholes in Central Florida is clear, as stated by Tony Randazzo, UF professor emeritus now with Geohazards Inc. consultants in Gainesville, FL. “The I-4 corridor from Clearwater to Daytona, including St. Petersburg, Tampa, the Pasco-Hernando county areas …Marion and Sumter counties and the Tallahassee” are all prone to underground anomalies… There are sinkholes all over Central Florida; it’s really a matter of degrees” … That is Florida’s “Sinkhole Alley,” and Florida has the highest occurrences of sinkholes of any state. (more…)

Good Sea Wall News For Cape Coral, Florida Residents


Now Accepting Seawall Applications In Cape Coral

A new five-year permit issued February 28th from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Jacksonville District) now allows the City of Cape Coral to process new seawall repair, maintenance and construction applications, as well as applications for their single-family docks.

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